President Arce calls for the unity of the social sectors and the MAS | News


The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, urged this Friday to maintain the unity of the social sectors, the federations of the Cochabamba tropics, as well as the communities of the Movement to Socialism – Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (MAS-IPSP), in the face of constant threats from the right wing, the Bolivian people.


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During the 31st anniversary of the Coordinator of the Six Federations of the Cochabamba Tropics in Shinahota, Lauca Ñ; the president of the South American nation, Luis Arce, urged the social groups that work in favor of the process of change in the country, to respond with efforts that promote unity among them.

“We have always said it, the right does not sleep, the right is articulating itself, the right is there in front, always trying to do the greatest possible damage to our entire process of change and that greatest damage, that enormous damage has always been to destroy the unity of our political instrument”, pointed out the Executive.

Likewise, the head of the Plurinational State indicated that it is essential to evaluate both the international and national context, for which he encouraged political organizations to inform themselves of the events that are happening around them.

In another order, the president, Luis Arce, recalled the period from 2019 to 2020 when the de facto regime attacked the Cochabamba tropics, where it restricted the marketing of products, as well as access to fuel.

“The six federations knew how to resist and fight, along with other social sectors, for the recovery of democracy and now these organizations have become a bastion of the process of change, it is essential to write a book about their history for the entire Bolivian people,” he asserted. the leader, Luis Arce.

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