Premio Lo Nuestro 2023 swept the rating and stayed with the public

Christian Nodal and Tini at 'Lo Nuestro 2023 Award'.

Photo: TelevisaUnivision / Univision

Premio Lo Nuestro 2023 swept the rating and stayed with the publicachieving historical numbers that had not been seen in an award of this type for a long time, He even stayed with the reign of 'The Lord of the Skies'.

On a night where the 35th anniversary of this tribute that Univision pays to Latin music was celebrated, the public not only gave him their support again, but also redoubled the bet and made them double the rating of Aurelio Casillas that same night.

According to the numbers released by Nielsen, the official rating measurer, In the segment of the public that goes from 18 to 49 years old, 'Premio Lo Nuestro' averaged 885 thousand, while 'El Señor de los Cielos' dropped to 571 thousand.

In general agewhich covers from those over 2 years of age onwards, the Univision award reached a historic number of 2 million 200 thousand, while the Telemundo drug series was half: 1 million 200 thousand.

What happened to the magenta carpet called 'Night of Stars'? Although a little less than the award, it was also ranked number one in the rating compared to Telemundo's 'La Casa de los Famosos 3'.

How were the magenta carpet numbers? According to Nielsen, among the public between the ages of 18 and 49, 'Noche de Estrellas' averaged 650,000, while 'La Casa de Al Lado 3' reached 402,000.

In the case of the general public, the parade of stars on the carpet at the Univision awards also reached a historic figure in a previous figure of 1 million 7 thousand. While the Telemundo reality show averaged 1 million 100 thousand.

Beyond what captivated andhe award led by Alejandra Espinoza, Adrián Uribe, Paulina Rubio and Sebastián Yatra, these numbers show an important trend that Latinos choose TV again and that this time they said yes to some awards such as the case, a few months ago, of the Latin Grammy.



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