Premier League: Reds get even with Wolves | Video

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After the painful setback conceded before Real Madrid in the Champions League and the stumble days later in the Premier League against Crystal Palace, in a duel that ended goalless, Liverpool smiled again with a soothing 2-0 win against wolverhampton of Julen Lopeteguistill threatened by relegation, a meeting held this Wednesday in Anfield.

The box did not shine Jurgen Klopp qHe did not find relief until the final stretch, when the success appeared with the goals from the Dutch central defender Virgil Van Dijk and from the egyptian Mohamed Salah that rewarded the network's insistence against a rival that declined in the second half.

about to the european zone the reunion with the red victory, now installed in the sixth placeonly two points, although with one more game, than the newcastle, the team that marks the continental zone.

He couldn't get out of the rut wolverhampton what does he already have three duels without winning and that it is only three points from everton, penultimate and descending. And that which put the box of Klopp.

It was the wolves the first time, in the boots of Joao Moutinho, one of the highlights of the visitors.

Liverpool threatened to Harvey Elliott. The young Red had the great local opportunity in the first half with his head, after a pass from the left of Darwin Nunez. And then with a shot from the front that he destroyed with a great save Jose Sa.

Lopetegui resorted to adam traorewhich replaced Pablo Sarabia. But Liverpool had begun to press. Darwin Nunez scoredbut the VAR saw a previous foul and annulled it.

However, the one who did went up on the scoreboard They go Dijk in the 73, five minutes later. He was born from a set piece on the side that the center-back headed, deflected the goal and picked up Diogo Jota that sent it back to the small area where the Dutch defender no longer failed.

The goal reassured the Liverpoolwho sentenced four later, in a great action on the left of the Greek Konstantinos Tsimikas which ended with a center to Mohamed Salahinside the area, who only had to push the ball.

(With information from EFE)

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