Pre-candidates for head of government will be able to spend up to six million pesos

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The Electoral Institute of Mexico City approved as a limit of pre-campaign expenses up to six million 51 thousand 900 pesosamount that each candidate for the Head of Government may exercise.

This Friday, in an ordinary public session, the IECM endorsed the pre-campaign spending limits for the head of government, local councils and mayors From Mexico City.

These pre-campaign spending limits correspond to the 20 percent of approved amounts for pre-campaign expenses for the 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2021 electoral processes.

Regarding pre-campaign expenses for deputations by the principle of relative majority “they were determined based on said percentage, but taking into account the redistricting approved by the general council of the INE in 2022,” explained counselor Sonia Pérez.

In the approved Agreement it was established that for the 16 mayoralties of the capital, as well as for local councils, The resource that can be exercised will be variabledepending on the territorial extension and the number of voters in each demarcation, as well as the electoral district.

Given this, for pre-campaigns to head the mayor's offices, the pre-candidates will be able to exercise resources for 139 thousand pesos, in the case of Milpa Alta and up to one million 833 thousand for Iztapalapa.

Meanwhile, the spending limit for the delegations will go from 252,164 to 363,967 pesos, while for the migrant delegation the spending limit will be 129,207 pesos.

For the head of government of the CDMX the pre-campaigns They will begin next November 5 and will last 60 days, while the pre-candidates to occupy a Mayor's Office or a local Council will be able to campaign from November 25, 2023, to January 3, 2024.

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