PRD and PAN warn about cuts in the 2024 Budget project for the health sector; shortage of cancer drugs continues

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Mexico.- Deputy Luis Espinosa Cházaro, coordinator of the PRD Parliamentary Group, and representative Mariana Gómez del Campo Gurza (PAN) warned about cuts in the 2024 Budget project for the health sector.

At a press conference, accompanied by the representative Gabriela Sodi (PRD), the lawyer and activist, Andrea Rocha Ramírez and relatives of cancer patients, they warned that the shortage of medicines continues, mainly for cancer and reported that they will send the 500 legislators wrote to request more resources, within the framework of the discussion of the 2024 Budget.

Espinosa Cházaro reported that the legislative coalition “Va por México”, of the PAN, PRI and PRD, will file a criminal complaint against the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, to hold him accountable for all the deaths caused by of the poor management of the sector.

After López-Gatell reported that he will seek Morena's candidacy to become the next head of Government of Mexico City, the PRD coordinator assured that it is shameless and should explain all the deaths that were recorded in Mexico during the pandemic due to Covid-19, instead of “playing the politician.

“Regarding the shortage of cancer medications, especially for children, what the Federal Government does seems to me to be criminal negligence and it seems even worse than after what we have experienced in terms of health with Covid, with retrovirals and with medicines for children with cancer, still have the nerve to present López-Gatell as a possible candidate for the City,” he said.

In her intervention, Congresswoman Mariana Gómez del Campo Gurza (PAN) described it as “criminal” that this government has not considered an item in the 2024 Budget to care for children with cancer.

“It really seems incredible to me that this criminal government has chosen to cut around 1,218 million pesos for the purchase of medicines in the 2024 Budget,” he explained.

He explained that all these writings will reach the hands of each of the legislators. “And I would hope that the majority group would do their job and in the 2024 budget we could change things”

Likewise, he considered it inadmissible that it occurred to López-Gatell to raise his hand to govern Mexico City, instead of that character being behind bars today.”

For her part, Rocha Ramírez said that they went to San Lázaro because in the 2024 Budget proposal there are zero increases in infrastructure and for maintenance in the health sector.

“We are very concerned, because on the issue of the budget, of Branch 12, in terms of health, in social health infrastructure projects, there is an increase of zero pesos, also in the maintenance of infrastructure, we find ourselves with that there is an increase of zero pesos and why is the issue serious and that is why we are here? Because it must be noted that, to do radiotherapy, which is a chemotherapy that patients take, maintenance is needed,” he explained.

“Nowadays, in hospitals, call them Insabi, call them IMSS, unfortunately, those devices do not work because they simply tell you that there is no budget to maintain them,” he added.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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