Powerful explosion at airport shakes Uzbekistan

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Early Thursday morning a powerful explosion took place near the airport in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. The explosion surprised the residents of the area because of how loud it sounded., as well as the enormous pyre that rose in the damaged area. Authorities reported a "fire" that caused injuries.

The explosion was of such magnitude that users on social networks assured that it was visible from 30 kilometers away. Videos on X (formerly Twitter) show how the houses near the explosion shake before the detonation.

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According to witnesses, The incident occurred at a customs warehouse near the airport in Uzbekistan.

Videos spread on social networks show a large column of smoke and flames rising into the night sky. Residents near the explosion site can also be seen evacuating their homes to seek refuge.

According to the Ministry of Health, during the night "a fire" broke out in this warehouse in the capital, with several injured people who were taken to the hospital.

For now, there are no serious injuries among them. "Currently, doctors provide all the necessary health care," said this portfolio on Telegram.

Emergency medical care was also provided to the people injured in the fire at the accident site and the surrounding apartments," he added without giving a precise number of those affected.

Uzbekistan is the most populous of the former Soviet republics in Central Asia. Its airport is the largest in the country.

As in other territories of the former USSR, fires caused by outdated facilities and lax compliance with safety regulations are common.

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The Uzbek authorities have already confirmed that support and citizen assistance forces continue working at the site of the explosion and at the airport to avoid further damage.

With information from AFP.


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