Postulator of Guatemala will choose the sixth candidate for General Prosecutor | News


The Nominating Commission for Attorney General and Head of the Public Ministry of Guatemala will decide this Thursday its sixth candidate while the current Attorney General María Consuelo Porras is not yet included on the payroll.


They demand an end to corruption in the Guatemalan judicial system

After not reaching a consensus in the election of the sixth candidate, the nominating commission agreed to resume the process this Thursday, according to its president, Judge Silvia Patricia Valdés.

According to local sources, the lethargy of the candidate’s decision is due to pressure from some members of the commission to include Porras on the list under the extremist claim that without her there will be no payroll.

Meanwhile, the following jurists have been chosen to make up the list: Néctor Guilebaldo de León Ramírez, Darleene Apolonia Monge Pinelo, Gabriel Estuardo García Luna, Henry Alejandro Elías Wilson and Jorge Luis Donado Aguilar.

Guatemalan social movements have rejected the inclusion of Porras in the payroll from which President Alejandro Giammattei will have to choose for the position, due to the increase in cases of corruption and abuse of power in the instances of the Public Ministry.

The deterioration of justice and the rule of law has manifested itself in the persecution of independent prosecutors and judges, such as the case of Judge Erika Aifán.

Likewise, indigenous leaders and peasants who defend the rights of their communities have been criminalized, as is the case of María Choc, who has been prosecuted, among other things, for demanding guarantees of protection for indigenous women.

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