Pope regrets the ‘lack of honesty’ of the media


The Pope Francis lamented that there is a part of communication world offering “scandals”, claiming that people “like to eat dirt”, while criticizing the “dishonesty and the “slanders”.

The Supreme Pontiff received the representatives of the Society of Saint Paul in a room of the Apostolic Palace and, leaving aside the speech he had prepared and delivered to the participants, lambasted the “lack of honesty” in the media.

Similarly, he warned that “disinformation is the order of the day.

“If today we take over the media, there is a lack of cleanliness, there is a lack of honesty, there is a lack of integrity. Misinformation is the order of the day. One thing is said but many others are hidden, ”he said.

He added that inform nOr is it just a profession, but a vocation, and “it is necessary to be acute, clear, to bear witness with one’s own life as with the Gospel”. (Reuters)

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