Pope Francis speaks about the environment

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In a meeting that brought together 200 rectors of public and private universities in Latin America and the Caribbean, Pope Francis called to address issues related to the environment, biodiversity and climate change from an educational point of view.

Under the motto "Organizing Hope"the Ibero-American University of TorreĆ³n participated in this meeting, as one of the educational institutions present, which was also attended by some prefects and secretaries of dicasteries of the Holy See.

In this regard, Juan Luis HernĆ”ndez AvendaƱo, Rector of the Ibero-American University of TorreĆ³n, He shared his impressions about the audience with Pope Francis and delved into the reflections that emerged in this transcendental forum.

"In our meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis, we were able to discuss pressing issues that touch the heart of humanity. The Pope highlighted the interconnection between climate change and migration, underlining the need to address these challenges in a unified way. He urged us to rethink our relationship with nature and overcome the throwaway culture, a calling we share at the Universidad Iberoamericana de TorreĆ³n."

"Pope Francis' words have inspired us to make a deeper commitment to sustainability and the protection of our planet. At our institution, we are willing to work together with other universities to build a more sustainable and responsible future. "We must act with determination and organizing hope, as the Pope reminded us, to leave a positive legacy for future generations."

HernƔndez AvendaƱo highlighted "The Pope gave us an enriching perspective on how these issues are interconnected and how they affect the lives of people around the world. His leadership in promoting a cultural change towards sustainability is irreplaceable," he said.

In addition, Rector HernƔndez AvendaƱo stressed that we must rethink the way we use natural resources and recognize the urgency of taking care of our planet. The Pope's call for an education that encourages renewal and recycling is fundamental," he stated.

The meeting concluded with the commitment of the Iberoamerican University of TorreĆ³n and the other educational institutions present to work together to address environmental challenges and climate change.

HernƔndez AvendaƱo summed up the spirit of the meeting: "This meeting inspires us to organize hope and act in favor of a more sustainable future for future generations."

The audience took place in the Clementine Hall of the Vatican and was organized by the Network of Universities for the Care of the Common Home (RUC) and the Pontifical Commission for Latin America.

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