Pope Francis sends condolences after Hurricane Otis

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Pope Francis sent a telegram expressing his condolences after the devastation of powerful hurricane 'Otis' that has left at least 27 dead in its wake along the coasts of Guerrero, reported The Vatican. The Supreme Pontiff "offers fervent suffrages for the eternal repose of the deceased, while asking the Lord to convey his heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the deceased," the letter states.

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"His Holiness Francisco, deeply saddened to learn of the natural disaster that is affecting these coasts of Guerrero, causing victims, injuries and numerous material damages, offers fervent suffrages for the eternal rest of the deceased," states a telegram sent on his behalf. to the Archbishop of Acapulco, Leopoldo González, by his Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. "At the same time, he asks the Lord to grant his consolation to those suffering from the devastating effects of the hurricane and prays that he will increase feelings of ardent charity in the Christian community to collaborate in the reconstruction of the affected areas."

Francisco, with this letter, "wishes to extend his heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased, as well as his paternal concern and spiritual closeness to the wounded and victims of the beloved town of Acapulco, to whom he heartily imparts the comforting apostolic blessing, as a sign of faith and hope in the resurrected Christ".

'Otis', which arrived early Wednesday as a category 5, the maximum on the Saffir-Simpson scale, with sustained winds of 270km/h, is the most powerful hurricane that has hit the state of Guerrero, on the Pacific coast, In addition, it became stronger in a few hours. Damage is also recorded in 80% of the port's hotelsin addition to leaving numerous businesses and houses in ruins and streets flooded with mud and fallen trees, poles and debris.

Much of Acapulco remained without electricity or telephone, in addition to food being scarce, which has led to looting of supermarkets.

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