Pope Francis asks for the end of the conflict in Ukraine and that the International Law of that country be respected

Pope Francisco.


The pope today urged an immediate end to armed attacks in Ukrainefor dialogue to prevail and for International Law to be respected again in that country after the Russian invasion launched eleven days ago, while requesting that the humanitarian corridors be guaranteed.

What happens in Ukraine "This is not a military operation, but a war", which "sows death, destruction and misery"Francis said at the end of the Sunday Angelus prayer before hundreds of people gathered in Saint Peter's Square carrying Ukrainian flags and with the colors of the rainbow of peace

The pontiff also assured that the Holy See is "willing to do everything" for peace and revealed that two cardinals have traveled to Ukraine in recent days to bring aid, in addition to thanking the work of journalists on the ground whose work allows Appreciate the cruelty of war.

After the Angelus, the pope wanted to launch an appeal for the end of the war in Ukraine, a country through which "rivers of blood and tears" flow, while "the victims are always more numerous, as well as those who flee, especially mothers and children" and "the need for humanitarian assistance grows dramatically from hour to hour".

I send a heartfelt appeal for the humanitarian corridors to be secured and ensure and facilitate aid access to besieged areas to provide vital aid to our sisters and brothers oppressed by bombs and fear,” he added.

And he emphasized: "Above all, I implore that the armed attacks cease, that negotiation and also common sense prevail and that International Law be respected again."

Francis wanted to thank "all those who are welcoming the refugees", but also the journalists on the ground "who, in order to guarantee information, put their own lives at risk".

Your service allows us to be close to the drama of this population and value the cruelty of war”, he said, before being interrupted by the applause of the faithful gathered in the square, with whom he prayed a Hail Mary for Ukraine.

He then revealed that in recent days they had traveled to Ukraine "Cardinal Krajewski, beggar, to bring aid to the most needy, and Cardinal Czerny, Prefect 'ad interim' of the Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development."

"The Holy See is willing to do anything, to put itself at the service of peace," he assured before concluding stating that the presence of the cardinals in Ukraine "is not only the presence of the pope, but that of the entire Christian people who it means: war is madness, stop please, look at this cruelty”.

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