Political Fronts / September 29, 2023

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1. Known topic. Omar García HarfuchMorena's candidate to coordinate the Defense of Transformation in Mexico City, said that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador He was “very clear” when commenting that he did not participate in the construction of the “historical truth” and in the disappearance of the 43 normalistas from Ayotzinapa. “The meetings in which we participate are public, there is nothing hidden,” he said and assured that Alejandro Encinas He said something that was already known. The same Claudia Sheinbaumcoordinator of the Defense of Transformation, confirmed that there is no fire friend. Garcia Harfuch goes... and what the survey says.

2. Remoteness. Tremendous message the president sent Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the former president Jaime Bonilla. He wrote on his X account: “I received at the National Palace Marina del Pilar Ávila, governor of Baja California. We are going to continue working together for the benefit of the people and, to show that they are not alone, I will take a three-day tour with the cabinet through the seven municipalities of the state. Additionally, on Sunday, November 12, I will attend her briefing in Tijuana.” Political things: from the other side Bonilla, without a presidential embrace, accumulating complaints for alleged embezzlement and gender political violence. Message received.

3. Modern. Already without one of his presidential prospects, Enrique Alfarogovernor of Jalisco, who distanced himself from Movimiento Ciudadano, the founder and leader Dante Delgado announced that the first criterion that MC will take into account to outline its government platform in 2024 and to select its presidential candidate will be that it listens to the people. “I am going to lead by example and I will ask all the coordinations to do the same,” he said. And as the president of Nuevo León, Samuel Garciait doesn't work either, it is speculated that Dante Make a suit to your own size. Be?

4. Season of ideas. To save costs, the PAN requested that five presidential debates be held and that the production and transmission be carried out by the INE, he explained. Victor Hugo Sondón, blue and white representative before the General Council. Morena, in the voice of Euripides Flores, said that he is open to discussing the number of debates. The counselor Carla Humphreypresident of the Temporary Debates Commission of the INE, indicated that the number will depend on the technical capacity of the institute. Guadalupe Taddeipresiding advisor, can you handle the assignment?

5. Reappeared. From the comfort of your “X” account, Angel Aguirre, former governor of Guerrero, denied having participated in any meeting where it was proposed to design or carry out the “historical truth” of what happened in Iguala in 2014. “I never participated or attended any meeting,” he specified. “I regret that in the report of the undersecretary Alejandro Encinas, I have been mentioned in the wrong way,” he said. “And given the insinuation he makes about me, I am not going to remain silent.” If he is not going to remain silent, it would be worth revealing everything he knows about a case that has no end. There are 43 left… Who was it?

Political Fronts
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