Political Fronts / September 23, 2023

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1. Notable support. In Querétaro there are no hesitation. It was the state that contributed the most signatures nationwide for Xochitl Galvezeventual candidate of the Frente Amplio por México for the presidential elections in 2024. It is undeniable that the structures of the PAN are united under the leadership of the governor Mauricio Kuri. This strength reached the streets, with 144 thousand people from Querétaro, who joined the call of the PAN to provide their support to Galvez. The conviction that Querétaro has for the Mrs.. It doesn't have mobilizations like that… not even Obama!

2. Breaking point. For the members of the Fourth Transformation, led by the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorthe case of the Morelos prosecutor, Uriel Carmona, is paradigmatic: it is the first time that a high-level official has been tried for covering up a femicide. They claim that the Judiciary has protected him, forgetting about the victims. The truth is that after receiving a fourth protection in his favor, Uriel Carmona He left the El Altiplano prison, dealing another legal setback to the 4T file. The urgency to remove the prosecutor remains the issue.

3. Overflowing river. From Suchiate to the Rio Grande, the transit of migrants brings problems that the authorities do not solve. Given the increase in migrants, motor transportation lines announced that they will limit the number of tickets sold to foreigners. And now Ricardo Gallardo, the governor of San Luis Potosí, has the problem on top of him. Due to the massive arrival, the Migrant House was closed. The spaces in the property have been exhausted and they do not have resources to support them either. Francisco Garduño, the head of Immigration, is the least interested in solving the problem. He only seeks to wash his image.

4. Stay at home. It will be Hugo López-Gatell Did you anticipate the times? Or maybe he didn't take into account the reversal he gave Cuauhtémoc Blanco, governor of Morelos, after expressing to the President his intention to run in Morena for the candidacy for head of the capital's Government? “I put myself at the service of the best causes: the defense and continuity of the transformation in Mexico City,” said the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion and in charge of directing the covid emergency strategy. There is a stronger candidate. Shall we repeat it? Stay at home.

5. Overreached. It is easy to exceed certain limits. As a developing nation, the law has managed to cover everyone equally, but two cases have attracted attention. That of a trans person, who was taken out of the bathrooms of the National Cinematheque and then vandalized the candy store, along with the attack of the trans representative Maria Clemente Garcia to the legislators Teresa Castell and Melissa Vargas. “Tie up your dog!” the brunette yelled at them during a disagreement. Garcia in the debate of the 2024 Economic Package. Is this the level of discussion in Congress? Speechless.

Political Fronts
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