Political Fronts / October 7, 2023

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1. healthy balance. Mexico's federal system is divided into three Powers, despite the notorious attempts of Morena, whose national leader is Mario Delgado, for transforming the Judiciary. The minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Alberto Pérez Dayán, assured that the constitutions grant the judicial powers a balancing role. “To serve as guarantors of the legality of people's rights in order to prevent arbitrariness, injustice and social decomposition,” is the mission, he said. They are the experts in the field. Not the politicians.

2. Convenience. If there is something that characterizes politicians, it is the ease with which they change parties. And that apparently is contagious for those who are not born. It turns out that just last July the federal representative for Yucatán and Olympic slaver Rommel Pacheco, supported by the PAN, had announced that he wanted to seek, once again, the candidacy for governor of his state for that party. But yesterday he announced that he is joining the team of the virtual candidate for the Presidency, Claudia Sheinbaum, so it is inferred that he “jumps” to Morena. Yes, the ambition of rommel is big.

3. Time of illusions. The coordinator of the PAN senators, Julen Rementería, said that citizens have to be the main protagonists of the next electoral process in Veracruz, an entity that will seek to govern. At a press conference, Rementeria warned that the other candidates, the PRI José Yunes Zorrilla, Hector Yunes Landa and Anilú Ingram Vallines, also agree that Veracruz must be rescued from Morena. The senator criticized that the party in power has woven its “fingers” involved in simulated polls. Although it would be more helpful to talk about specific projects.

4. Continuity. When presenting the Fifth Work Report, the head of Government, Marti Batres, pointed out that “he is at the head of the capital government, not only to administer, but to transform,” and highlighted progress in education, mobility and security, among other areas. However, he was not well received by local congressmen. The PAN deputy, Luisa Adriana Gutiérrez Urenatold the capital's president that, with less than four months at the helm of the CDMX government, “we cannot talk about the seal Batres”. But the photos came out very well.

5. Relays. The governor of Baja California Sur, Victor Manuel Castro, moved his cabinet to continue improving the dynamics of the state public administration. The Secretary General of the Government, Homer Davis, delivered the appointments to the new heads of the areas of the Housing Institute, Civil Protection and the Undersecretariat of Public Security. The secretary emphasized the importance of continuing to redouble efforts in each of the institutions to generate the well-being and development of the entity, as well as its people. Changes like this are due to the fact that they were heading towards failure. Don't hide it.

Political Fronts
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