Political Fronts / October 22, 2023

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1. Humanism. The meeting For a fraternal and well-being neighborhood, in Palenque, Chiapas, where the regulation of the migratory flow to the United States will be addressed, will convene leaders and representatives at the invitation of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The leaders of Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, Honduras and Venezuela have already confirmed their attendance. The idea is to dialogue at the highest level. The issue will be treated with humanism, he said Lopez Obrador. It will be interesting the contribution of Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela, with almost eight million Venezuelans who migrated from their country. Examples of causes will be abundant.

2. Unborn. The project to eliminate trusts from the Judicial Branch is in suspense. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has described as a rebellion the demonstrations by the workers of the Judicial Branch, before the discussion in the Senate of this reform. Jesus Gilberto Gonzalez, general secretary of the Judicial Branch Workers Union, said that Morena's speech about privileges is a lie. Meanwhile, the minister Jorge Mario Pardo expressed his solidarity with the workers. Everything will end in constitutional controversy. And the Court chaired by the minister will resolve Norma Piña.

3. Worry. Industrial parks are experiencing a boom driven by nearshoring, the pandemic and the trade dispute between the US and China. In 2020, demand in Mexico was 2.1 million square meters, but it is expected to reach six million by 2027, an increase of 186% due to the relocation of projects. The concentration on the border, such as Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez, is saturating spaces and raising costs. One would have to ask if Miguel Angel Macielwho remained in charge of the Ministry of Energy instead of Rocío Nahleis prepared for the country to generate the energy it will need.

4. Conditioned. Although the INE has established rules for the electoral process, in which, for example, Claudia Sheinbaum They asked her to limit her presentations to closed forums and only in view of her militancy, the coordinator of the Fourth Transformation Committees continues her work without pause and boasted that Morena is already 10 points ahead of the PAN ruler in Guanajuato. “There is no return,” he declared. Sheinbaum. “The people do not want to return to the past of corruption and privileges, nor does Guanajuato,” he said from Silao. In his thing: high-impact pre-campaign.

5. Serenity. Alejandro Armentaa senator with a license from Morena, accused the legislator German Martinez of orchestrating a “cowardly attack” against him because he demanded that SCJN ministers use fewer economic resources instead of protecting their current privileges. "TO German It infuriated him that he demanded that the ministers of the Court show how they spend what they receive,” he declared. If his current project is to obtain Morena's candidacy for the governorship of Puebla, Mr. Alexander He should calm down and consolidate his position at the top of the poll. The fluttering only distracts.

Political Fronts
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