Political Fronts / October 18, 2023

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1. Even floor. The INE Complaints Commission ordered Xochitl Galvez already Claudia Sheinbaum take drastic measures to avoid violating fairness in the contest. On the one hand, he made a “serious” call to Galvez because she has six precautionary measures against her for alleged early campaign actions, which, if confirmed by the specialized chamber of the Electoral Court, could lead to the denial of her registration as a candidate. TO Sheinbaum He ordered him to redirect his actions to events closed only to militancy, without mentioning 2024 and without talking about government proposals. Hands tied to both projects. Don't complain.

2. Aligned. The president of Morena, Mario Delgadoannounced that this party will comply with the precautionary measure imposed by the INE regarding the meetings of Claudia Sheinbaumhis virtual candidate for the Presidency, must be in closed places and exclusively with militants, according to what was dictated by the organization he directs Guadalupe Taddei, as president advisor. Delgado stated that it is difficult to comply with this provision because its members are millions and that party did not credential them when it registered. And she presumed that, although the protocol acts of Sheinbaum, “thousands will arrive.” The good news: it won't rain for them.

3. Problem. The Mexican Bar, AC Bar Association, considered that the reform to eliminate trusts related to employer obligations of the Judiciary damages the acquired rights of workers in labor matters, social security, pension, housing, health, among others, so is inadmissible. Ignacio Mierthe Morena deputy who launched the initiative, challenged the ministers of the Court to demonstrate that the elimination of trusts affects workers in the Judiciary and considered that using them “is a bad strategy for the president of the Court, Norma Piña”. Some act with knowledge; another, with the political liver.

4. Obsolete? President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent to the Chamber of Deputies an initiative that proposes to extinguish Notimex and repeal the law that creates the Mexican State News Agency. “Today more than ever, informative work can be carried out without the need for intermediaries, such as agencies, even without professional media, which at other times served as exclusive information channels,” as specified in the project. The federal Executive states that the news agency has already met its objective and has been surpassed by the current media. The burial of Notimex is underway. History will prove them right or not.

5. Warrior. Rocío Nahle She began her political career in 2006 as a pre-candidate and then coordinator in the federal Congress. Two years later she was a speaker on oil issues at the 2008 and 2013 Energy Reform Forums, in the Senate. In 2018 she became the most voted legislator in the history of Veracruz. She is not an improviser. She highlights her experience in the Ministry of Energy and her contribution to projects such as the refinery in Dos Bocas. She has also gained acceptance for herself in Veracruz, despite her Zacatecan origin. She has the sympathies and, furthermore, she is tireless. She is going for Morena's candidacy.

Political Fronts
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