Political Fronts / October 11, 2023

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1.Three powers, not one. Rafael Guerra Alvarez, leader of the Judiciary in Mexico City and the National Commission of Courts, organized a meeting with international judges where the importance of judicial independence was highlighted. There is a common concern, the attacks from the Executive towards the judges, threatening the democratic balance. Guerra Alvarez defended the separation of powers, while Adriana OrocĂșfrom the Latin American Federation of Magistrates, criticized the Executive's attacks on justice in several countries, a point on which he agreed Jaime Chavez Alor, from the Vance Center in New York. In defense of the homeland.

2. Politically failed. The governor of Michoacán has very little tact. In an unfortunate and reckless moment, Alfredo Ramirez Bedolla He was sarcastic in a comment alluding to the war unleashed in the Middle East. He assured, in a press conference, that Michoacán is more prepared in security matters than that country, which has been bombed by the Hamas group. He was questioned by a reporter about the security operation on the occasion of the Day of the Dead. Guaranteed security? “More than in Israel, of course, go ahead,” he ironized. Terrible taste and, furthermore, a lie.

3. Great accolade. It is notable that a global media outlet like Bloomberg, whose founder is Michael R. Bloomberghas turned to see the presidential election in Mexico and has rated Claudia Sheinbaum as the Angela Merkel from America. The merits are simple: a scientific and demanding woman who will bet on renewable energies to put the country's complex energy policy in real time. The national coordinator of the Defense of the Transformation of Morena must be happy, the opposition should not. It won't take them long to accuse exaggeration, you bet.

4. Change of sides. The deputy Adela Ramos Juarez, who stood out for being critical within the Morena parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies, announced her resignation from the bench to join the PAN. The legislator, who a few days ago denounced the Morenoist leadership for political violence based on gender and discrimination, said that her decision to join the PAN, which "does practice humanism," is clear and firm. She was greeted with cries of “Adela, Adela!” for his new PAN colleagues. Mario Delgado and Citlalli Hernandez, leader and general secretary of Morena, respectively, forced her to look for other places in blue humanism. If it exists.

5. Life gives you surprises. Morena's process to select coordinators in eight states and Mexico City has taken an unexpected turn. Mario Delgado This Friday, it will announce a list for the final survey that includes candidates previously excluded from the shortlists of state councils, in cases such as Puebla and Chiapas. Heading towards the final selection, preferences favor, unexpectedly for some, figures like the Chiapas native Eduardo Ramirez, whose connection with the militants indicates that the second round of the survey could be just a formality for the senator. When there is plenty of political capital, it shows.

Political Fronts
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