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1. Macabre find. Fifty bones were discovered in Tacámbaro, where the governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramirez Bedolla, loses the battle against crime every day. “Like all investigations, this one is specifically in charge of the FGR, we are waiting for the official report, I think we should not fall into rumors, we have to wait for them to give the report,” said the president. As always, he thinks he washes his hands of it by saying that the past haunts him. But he gets dirtier.

2. Technical report. Yes the accounts work out for Rogelio Ramírez de la O, the Secretary of the Treasury. “Tax collection registered an increase of 7.7% in real terms compared to January-August 2022, the highest since 2016. This result was favored by the 3.6% real annual increase in income tax collection, in the context of the increase in salaries, high levels of employment and the greater profits of companies,” explained the Treasury. Paying taxes is salvation. But, be careful, informal commerce continues to grow.

3. famous. The Conade leader now has the same fame that she had at that time when the country was paralyzed to watch her compete. Ana Guevara, but for her poor performance as a government official. In the most recent and notorious alleged financial mismanagement of her, irregularities were found for almost 150 million pesos, which is why the Superior Audit of the Federation announced that she will investigate her administration, after reports of multiple diversions of resources. So much so that she was loved by the sports media in those years. And now, ask…

4. Defoliating daisies. The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia, responded to questions about his possible candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic and said that this will be defined in November, since leaders of his party have asked him to be encouraged. The state president toured the municipality of Allende, where he highlighted that it will not be until November when his party, Movimiento Ciudadano, will launch the call for presidential candidates. He is scheduled to travel to China from October 13 to 23. And then… the surprise?

5. fire in eden. The State Council of Morena in Tabasco designated candidates who will go to the internal survey to define who, in the end, would replace the governor Carlos Manuel Merino. Are Yolanda Osunamayor of Center; Monica Fernandezsenator; Javier Mayformer director of the National Tourism Promotion Fund, who by the way was in charge of delivering the finished Mayan Train, but he got off, and Raul Ojeda, former president of the Morena State Council. While they dream, violence increases in the southern entity. Do not lose sight.

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