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Political Fronts / November 14, 2023 2023/11/14
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1. Crime down. According to the monthly security report, homicides in Jalisco registered a decrease in the last month. The Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, explained that despite the fact that the entity is located within the six states that concentrate 47.2% of the homicides committed throughout the country, in the last month 145 executions were carried out, 15 less than last September. Jalisco had the lowest October in this entity in the last six years,” he commented. She and the governor are doing something right. Enrique Alfaro.

2. Time to grow. The senator Eduardo Ramirez Aguilar expressed to Claudia Sheinbaum, Morena's virtual candidate for the Presidency, her commitment and pride in working for the same project. The coordinator of Defense of Transformation in Chiapas spoke with Mario Delgado and Citlalli Hernandez, with whom he agreed that they must advance the social agenda. This way, Ramirez He enlists “as another soldier at the service of Mexico and Chiapas,” as he wrote on social networks. Support doesn't come alone. With it, political actors and social bases are united by the transformative project. That is the real value of him.

3.Time and form. The senator Xochitl Galvez He said goodbye to his legislative work. “Today ends a stage in my life, for which I feel very grateful. I thank everyone and the entire Senate. Now, to fight the mother of all battles. We go together and we all go,” he wrote after requesting leave from the Board of Directors to separate from the position as of November 20. The good one: “I leave with the pride of having served my country with all my heart and having fulfilled the needs of the Mexicans,” he said. The bad news: he has at his side Alejandro Moreno, Marko Cortes and Jesus Zambrano. Luck.

4.Rout. After completing the registration in Morena of Mexico City to compete for a mayoralty or a deputation in the capital's Congress in 2024, the head of Government Marti Batres He revealed that he is aware that “there are some members of his government” who will soon leave him. However, he did not specify who or who have presented themselves to request registration for any position in 2024. “If someone is a pre-candidate, candidate for a popularly elected position or was chosen, they will already have to define their situation” as an official in their administration. That double salary thing is almost not given to them, right?

5. The brave. The panist Santiago Taboada He registered at the national headquarters of the PAN, as a pre-candidate for the Head of Government for the Va por la CDMX alliance. “I want to tell Clara Brugada "I'm going to beat him," he expressed and boasted that, on Monday, when he was in Iztapalapa, there were 20 thousand people. Meanwhile, to the PRI candidates, Adrian Rubalcavaalready Luis Espinosa Cházaro, from the PRD, told them: “The enemy is not at home, the adversary is outside and his name is Morena; "They are not going to divide us, we are not going to fall into any provocation." If the strength of the speech is aligned with that of its political acceptance, it has a chance. Is it?

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