Political Fronts / June 18, 2023

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1. Meeting of height. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his American counterpart, Joe Biden, met in San Francisco on the occasion of the APEC summit, where they highlighted the issues of migration and the fight against drug trafficking, especially the entry and distribution of fentanyl. “We will continue to cooperate to prevent drug trafficking, especially the entry of fentanyl and these chemical precursors [...] Biden “He is the first president of the United States in recent times to open legal channels for migration,” highlighted the president of Mexico. At the height of the circumstances.

2. Nothing defined. The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia, does not have the power to appoint his substitute if he is absent from office for more than 30 days, determined the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation in accordance with the ruling that it has already published. The state Congress, for its part, must make the designation based on articles 118 and 122 of the Constitution. The project was prepared by the magistrate Janine Otálora and was approved unanimously. The state president has insisted on leaving the office in charge of Javier Navarro, Secretary General of the Government. But of what Samuel it's gone, it's gone

3. Next. The senator Julen Rementeria reported that the president of the Political Coordination Board has not sought him out, Eduardo Ramirezwho is also leader of the Morena senators, to discuss the presidential proposal to replace the minister Arturo Zaldivar in the SCJN. The senators' coordinators - for the PAN, Rementeria; of Citizen Movement, Clemente Castaneda; of the PRI, Manuel Añorve; of the PRD, Miguel Ángel Manceraand from the Plural Group, German Martinez– will reject the presidential proposal. Neither Lenia Batres neither Bertha Alcalde neither Maria Estela Rios they convince. The shortlist that follows...

4. Vital importance. The head of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Icela Rodríguezparticipated in the meeting led by the presidents of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obradorand from China, Xi Jinping, within the framework of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, in San Francisco, California. “We accompany our President @lopezobrador_ in the meeting with his counterpart from #China, Xi Jinpingto advance the bilateral relationship,” he wrote Rodriguez in your X account. There are issues that only leaders can solve. This is the example.

5. Couples. “We cannot continue doubting that, when the Constitution says parity in everything, it is precisely about everything,” said the magistrate. Felipe de la Mata. And so, the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation ratified the INE's decision to guarantee gender parity in the allocation of resources for campaigns, with 50% of the funds and advertising spaces on radio and television to female candidates. This decision seeks to ensure equal conditions in electoral competition. In a world that is advancing on these issues, Mexico cannot be left behind. Good.

Political Fronts
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