Police shot, killed driver during illegal street racing rally on I-95

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A state trooper shot and killed a man whose vehicle struck two police officers as law enforcement tried to control an illegal morning street racing rally on a Philadelphia interstate, state police said Sunday.

State police say troopers were called to I-95 in the Penn's Landing area shortly before 3:30 a.m. Sunday, where "numerous vehicles and pedestrians" were illegally blocking the highway.

Police said they tried to contact a vehicle and its operator, but the vehicle did not budge and two police officers were struck. Police said a police officer shot the driver, Anthony Allegrini Junior, 18, of Glen Mills, who was pronounced dead at the scene by fire department medics. The soldiers suffered what they called minor injuries.

“Vehicles were reported to be running, 'burning' and 'skidding,'” with many people watching from outside their vehicles, police said. Troopers had been called to assist local police in several similar incidents earlier in the evening, and before state troopers arrived on the I-95 scene, there was a report of gunshots, police said.

The southbound lanes of the interstate were closed to traffic early Sunday while police investigated, but reopened later in the morning. State police and the Philadelphia district attorney's office are investigating.

FOP Lodge #5 President John McNesby told reporters that illegal street racing took place in Mayfair and Bustleton on Saturday night, as well as on I-95, calling it “another Philadelphia cops weekend.” putting themselves in jeopardy to curb this criminal conduct.” McNesby said in one incident an officer had a brick thrown through her windshield, leaving her concussed but not seriously injured.

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