Police officers involved in the feminicide of Montserrat Juárez remain at large

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Ulises Lara, spokesman for the CdMx prosecutor's office, pointed out that so far the two police officers involved in the obstruction of justice in the feminicide of Montserrat Juárez They remain fugitives.

The spokesperson commented that "the procedure was started in absentia but we hope that soon we will have the location and of course their arrest."

“We have two police officers from the Secretariat of Citizen Security, one from the auxiliary police and another from the preventive police who assisted in the task of offering the possibility of funeral services according to the narrative of these people,” he mentioned in an interview with MILLENNIUM television with Carlos Zúñiga.

When questioned regarding the arrest of the police elements, the prosecutor's spokesperson He noted that they are still being searched because “one of them was on vacation and the other was on his day off when they were called.”

He added that those involved prevented justice from being carried out for the young woman because "they worked to conceal this crime in some sense and well, these two are being punished and we also had two auxiliary agents of the public ministry who were aware of it."

"They helped move the body", they presented the funeral service provider with a letter in which a death certificate that was never well prepared stated that they already had all the elements and this is what is now being held as their responsibility because of their actions." , he stressed.

On the other hand, he mentioned that There are two other elements of the police that are being investigated Because upon learning of the facts they did not initiate the procedure nor did they proceed to open the corresponding investigation folder.

"Two colleagues who are assistant agents of the Public Ministry (MP) level A. The two people who should have attended to them did not receive any attention, they did not initiate the file and therefore these two people have also been equally sanctioned, they have already been suspended and are subject to investigation," he added.


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