Police evict migrants from a church on the Mexico border

The Mesoamerican region has experienced a record migratory flow for at least three years.

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Migrants and ecclesiastical authorities from Ciudad Juárez denounced that elements of the municipal public police arbitrarily entered the cathedral and violently removed migrants who were inside a dining room, leaving at least one of them injured.

According to the religious versions, the policemen entered the compound and beat the migrantswhich has caused anger and fear in those who work in the place.

“Here in the cathedral we are afraid, the policemen do a search and if they don't find anything, they say bad words to us. They didn't find money for the compañero and they got upset,” said Carlos, a migrant of Venezuelan origin who works in the cathedral.

He affirmed that the preventive authorities do not respect that it is a religious house, and they throw people out without caring if there are children.

Father Javier Calvillo, director of the Casa del Migrante, said that it was a "critical" event, because they entered a humanitarian space and no authority should enter there. If they need access, the National Migration Institute must issue a letter explaining the reasons why they need access.

"In the next few days there will be a meeting with the security authorities, I will speak with Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa, the State Delegate for Development Programs to address this issue," he said.

He stressed that it is important to remember that migrants are not numbers and have rights, therefore, they should not suffer these cases of abuse, since It is not the first time that these situations have occurred by security elements against migrants.

In a statement, the Diocese of Ciudad Juárez called on the municipal president, Cruz Pérez Cuellar, to pay attention to the situation that people with mobility live in the city and to prevent these unfortunate events from happening again.

The region is experiencing a record migratory flow, with 2.76 million immigrants apprehended at the US-Mexico border in fiscal year 2022.

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