Pochettino assures that Donnarumma was not a mistake: "I saw the image 30 times and it was a clear foul"

The Argentinian Mauricio Pochettinomanager of Paris Saint-Germain, he was angry at the press conference after the game in which his team was eliminated against Real Madrid and stated that he has a "feeling of a lot of injustice" considering that there was a "clear foul" by the Frenchman Karim Benzema on the Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma in the first goal of the white team .

“It is a feeling of great injustice. There was a clear foul by Benzema on Donnaurma. From then on everyone's emotional state has changed. and we have not managed it well. We were too exposed against Real Madrid. Three quarters of the tie in favor, we were the better team, but we leave with a tremendous blow for not being able to pass the tie, ”he said.

“I cannot consider an error when there has been a foul, and clearly. And I speak after having seen the images, minimum between 30 and 40 times with different faces and different angles. This is football, when playing in this competition, the little details count. The VAR has not seen this fault and has been decisive in what later happened, "he added.

“If that action had been called a foul, which is what it was, we would be praising our players. What happened happened; It should not be used as an excuse, but it is the reality. Unfortunately we have to leave with this great pain and disappointment for not having captured the superiority that PSG had in the tie with goals”, he stressed.

Pochettino insisted that this action completely changed the course of the match.

“It is clear that the action is decisive and that it changes the course of the match. They are factors that influence the moods of the players and the opponent. It came after an hour of control in the game and having the chance to score 0-2, which we were closer to than receiving 1-1. From there, we lowered our concentration, we left the game and we ended up paying dearly for it, ”he assured.

In addition, the French coach defended his changes. “With Monday's newspaper it's easy to talk. Paredes had a yellow card at 1-1 and had not competed for several weeks. We brought in Gana Gueye to give more energy and defensive assists. Real Madrid had taken a risk and until then everything was fine. When you lose there is always something that could have been done differently, but the emotional state of the team was what it was and it did not depend on the names on the field”, he concluded.

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