Players arrive at the Spanish National Team concentration in the midst of the scandal

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The concentration of the Spanish women's soccer team It will finally take place this Tuesday in Valencia, after initially many of the international players expressed their desire not to be called up.

The soccer players will remain concentrated before traveling to Swedenwhere they will play the first match of the UEFA Nations League.

However, the internationals were initially called to go to Madrid. The new technique, Montse Toméwas the first to arrive at a hotel near the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, the Hotel Tryp Alameda de Barajas, which replaced the traditional meeting place Las Rozas Soccer City.

Upon his arrival, in front of dozens of cameras from different media outlets, he showed his confidence that the 23 soccer players named this Monday would attend the concentration of the world champion team.

Tomé did not answer any of the many questions from the journalists, except for a “yes” to affirm that he trusts that the soccer players will attend the concentration.

Some of those already present in the capital of Spain traveled to the hotel, such as the Real Madrid fans. Athenea del Castillo, Misa Rodríguez, Olga Carmona, Tere Abelleira and Oihane Hernández and the forward of Atlético de Madrid Eva Navarrowho will later travel to Valencia.

In his first list as a strategist, Tomé called up most of the world champions, among them, Mapi León, Patri Guijarro, Alexia Putellas, Rosa Márquez, María Méndez.

Montse Tomé with Alexia Putellas.

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