Plastilina Mosh reveals that humor is the link in his music

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Although Alejandro Rosso consider that In terms of influences and musical nature it is very "opposite" to Juan José González Jonazboth find their common point in the humortherefore the link and flag of Mosh Playdough.

"The black humor we have means we can use music as an excuse to make practical jokes, make fun of us or remember things that were funny. It's a way of not limiting yourself, of seeing deeper."says the person in charge of the keyboards, programming and voice in interview with MILLENNIUM on the occasion of its presentation at the Friend Festival.

For your invitation to said event, to be held on Saturday, November 4 In Cuautitlán Izcalli, musicians from Monterrey feel "chonest and honest", especially because "We have not played in Cuautitlán for decades as suchso it's always fun to return to these cities after a long time."

Rosso highlights that these types of festivals, with established talents - for example, Leon larregui and The Bukers - and in development - as Dawn Avenue and coolestandie -, serve to "explore" the current sound panorama.

"There are times when you have more opportunity to see the bands, there are times when it is more difficult because the schedules don't allow it, but in this case we can probably enjoy a little more of what there is going to be."

"Rock is the furthest thing from my center"

When talking about the current scene, Alejandro recognizes that nor is a person who is aware of fashion, "then I can't claim to know the most alternative or fashionable trends of the moment."

"What I like lately is related to the piano, for example, Nikolai Kapustin, Russian composer who has just died, sadly." He also esteems what they do donny Benét and COnnan Mockasin.

He developed this taste from an early age, when he began to study music "and the piano was the backbone of this. About two decades ago I was studying harpsichord, baroque music in Austria, so it has always been very close to me, and from there I start for the rest."

"Rock is the furthest thing from my center", sentence.

He clarifies that he is "between those who are very nostalgic and those who are the opposite, like in limbo," this thanks to his way of consuming music: "I grab a musician, composer or band and I don't let go, I explore all of it." his work and from there I move on to the next, I'm not so much one to 'capirote'. So, the process is slow for me".

Music, "the most spiritual way"

Rosso's process, being different from of Jonaz, does not generate shocks, but quite the opposite, its difference exalts its coincidences: the aforementioned humor.

"NOr I'm saying that all Plastilina songs are done like this (from humor), but many are done like that."

Here the royal musician details that It's hard to be true to your idea of ​​what should be fun. and capture it sonically.

The simple thing is to play, an activity that he compares to "having won the World Cup and going around the stadium with the flag; there is nothing that can happen that is bad, it's just celebrating. That's how we perceive it."

And he delves into how vital it is for Plastilina Mosh to continue interacting with live listeners: "It is a celebration that we can do something that we like and that stimulates a third partyand that we see generations that were not touched first-hand by the work we generated when we started, but through their parents or grandparents."

"My deepest perception of music is to use sound to heal something in us; it is the best therapy, the best medicine, the purest. It seems to me to be the most spiritual form of the human being."

Your position on algorithms

In these times of musical platforms governed by algorithms, Alejandro Rosso confesses that the issue is not on his radar because "I don't consume music in that way, that is, I don't use Spotify or TikTok, I'm not on social networks. So , that type of attention or observation to the musical work through those media, I understand that it is the norm now, but I am from another generation; I do not try to adapt it because it is not in me, but in general, not only in music "Having a cell phone or social networks and looking for them makes me tremendously lazy, but I know that it has its advantages. Although one of the great disadvantages is that you go more by statistics than by the visceral. I feel lucky not to be in that modus operandi." .


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