Piedad Córdoba is not under administrative retention in Honduras | News


The National Institute of Migration (INM) of Honduras reported this Thursday that the elected senator of Colombia, Piedad Córdoba, is no longer under administrative retention in the country.


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The INM specified that the elected senator, “after the investigations and the documentation presented to the Public Ministry, is no longer under administrative retention.”

Through a statement, the entity assured that Córdoba “does not have any mobility restrictions, so she is completely free to stay or leave the country as she decides.”

For his part, Córdoba expressed his gratitude to the Honduran authorities in managing the resolution of the case.

“To the authorities of the brotherly Honduran people, I thank the due process for the legal procedures of the case and its timely resolution,” he said through his account on the social network Twitter.

The INM reiterated that the Government led by Xiomara Castro is committed to acting transparently in accordance with the law and due process.

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