Photos: They kill a drug trafficker who took a baby monkey dressed as a hit man to the shootings


They go viral photo of a hitman monkey, whose owner died in a drug shootout.

Photo: @CODIGO_NEGROMX / Courtesy

Photographs of a drug dealer who was killed during a confrontation between groups of organized crime. The striking thing about this case is that the drug trafficker had pet still baby monkey who was dressed as a hitman, with military clothing and even a tiny bulletproof vest. He wore it hanging from his chest in all the shootings in which he participated in the most dangerous states of Mexico. So far it is unknown if the monkey also received shots and the identity of the offender is unknown.

Image taken from the Twitter account @CODIGO_NEGROMX

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The Mexican authorities have not confirmed or denied the death of this subject, nor has the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (teacher), entity in charge of safeguarding biodiversity. For now, the versions about this case continue to increase on social networks.

Parakeets, toucans, macaws, and other species such as monkeys and iguanas, are the species for which Mexican drug traffickers pay thousands of dollars and one of the reasons why animal trafficking has increased in Mexico, according to the Mexican government itself. . In 2019 alone, Profepa secured more than 3,000 specimens that were reincorporated into their habitat.

One of the most recent cases occurred in April 2022 when they recovered two bengal tigers and wild birds along with luxury cars in the state of Warrior; however, it caused controversy that the animals were never taken to a shelter and died locked in cages.

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