Photos | Prince Louis steals the show again, now at Trooping the Color

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In Trooping the Color commemorates the birthday officialbut not realof Carlos III and is carried out annually.

Although Charles III's birthday is on November 14, the third Sunday in June is reserved for this celebration, in order to take advantage of the good weather in the British capital.

Of course, his eldest son, the prince, was present at the event Williamheir to the British crown, his wife Kateas well as their children Louis, Charlotte and George.

The youngest of the sons of the princes of Wales is famous for the faces and gestures he has made at various royal events. And this time, he was no exception.

From the Buckingham Palace balcony, the minor was taken through the lens of the media present there.

Or in the carriage next to her brothers Charlotte and George. Where he covered his nose, possibly before some unpleasant odor in the environment.

Louis pretending to ride a motorbike from the balcony.

Saluting the 1,500 soldiers in total with hundreds of Guardsmen lined up on the parade ground waiting to be inspected by the King.

Or in this tender sequence where Kate and William's youngest son is about to sneeze

Three Hercules planes roared past, with Louis visibly dazed by the planes.

Trooping the Color

When the clock struck 11 in the morning, Carlos III received a greeting before the National Anthem was played in the Horse Guard Parade.

The event featured around 1,500 soldiers in total with hundreds of Guardsmen lined up on the parade ground waiting to be inspected by the King.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not attend the event.

In another sign that Charles is sticking to his reported plan for a more "reduced" monarchy, missing from the balcony this year were the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh's children, James, the Earl of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor.

Also absent from Trooping the Color this year was Princess Alexandra, 86, a cousin of the late Queen.

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