PHOTO: They capture a passenger’s “confession” stating that she has COVID-19; Debate opens on networks due to invasion of privacy

According to the WHO, if a person becomes ill, even with very mild symptoms or if they are asymptomatic, they should isolate themselves at home

Photo: JEFF J MITCHELL / Getty Images

As the Omicron variant of the coronavirus hits the United States hard, with nearly 900,000 new infections and 2,000 deaths a day, The debate of a passenger who apparently confessed that she was infected with COVID-19 appeared on networks, causing outrage from dozens of users.

Through Reddit, a user became a “paparazzi” and shared a photo of a passenger confessing by text message that she had COVID-19 in flight, without mentioning destination or origin data.

The woman’s action was taken as a regrettable fact, who exposed the people around her, so different voices showed her annoyance and possible sanction.

The photo is only accompanied by the question “Is this legal?”

However, along with this position, a debate was opened for the alleged violation of persons, criticizing the user for not only reading other people’s messages but also exposing them.

Several users considered that the privacy of anyone’s messages cannot be violated, whatever the content.

There were even those who commented that it could be a false message, because the person could realize that they were snooping in their privacy and decided to give them a scare.

Thus, the publication of the photo generated a debate. On the one hand, those who expressed that the author of the photo should have informed the hostesses of the situation to expose the woman, while others criticized lack of respect.

In the end, the user who posted the photo did not reveal what happened at the end of the flight.

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