PHOTO: A robot dog becomes the new reinforcement of the Florida Police

Authorities clarified that the dog does not have a mouth, so it cannot bite, nor can it carry weapons.

Photo: St. Petersburg Police Department / EFE

The St. Petersburg Police, on the west coast of Florida, presented their new reinforcement Monday, Spot, a remote-controlled robotic dog to be used in cases where local SWAT agents need to be dispatched.

To avoid the possible rejection of citizens before the arrival of this robot, the Police stressed that it will only be used in "extraordinary situations" that imply a threat to human life and/or risk to first aid teams and law enforcement.

PHOTO: A robot dog becomes the new reinforcement of the Florida Police

That is to say, to respond to a case where there is an armed person, hostage taking, search and rescue of victims in an unstable buildingin situations of exposure to biological or chemical hazards, natural disasters or major events with numerous victims, the Police explained.

This robot from the company Boston Dynamics can climb stairs, open doorknobs and move over uneven terrain, they reported in a statement.

Spot, who joined the department's team of agents thanks to a donation from a married couple in the city, It has a camera and an intercom that allows its operator to talk and listen to, for example, a "suspect barricaded in a building or holding hostages."

To tackle the reluctance of the community, the Police also explained that the dog does not have a mouth, so it cannot bite, nor can it carry weapons or anything that could harm people or animals.

PHOTO: A robot dog becomes the new reinforcement of the Florida Police

In addition, it will not be used for crowd control, traffic stops, routine situations, or to "intimidate or coerce" a person who is not involved in a "high-risk incident."

The incorporation of Spot to this Florida police takes place days after it was known that the Government of The US is developing other “robot dogs” to support Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents in the surveillance of the border with Mexico, which has unleashed a wave of criticism from activists.

Similar opposition was received last year by the signing of a contract between Boston Dynamics and the New York City Police, who were ultimately forced to break the agreement for $94,000, according to local media reports.

The criticism didn't stop the Massachusetts State Police from being the first in the country to test another issue of Spot in 2019.

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