Phoenix tragedy: Man kills wife and three young children before committing suicide

Police confirmed that there was a presence of gas in the area upon the arrival of officers and firefighters.

Photo: Mat Hayward/Getty Images

A 44-year-old man killed his wife and three young children before taking his own life in their Phoenix home. The suspect apparently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.

Police and firefighters discovered the bodies at the home Wednesday after they responded to a call from a person reporting a strong smell of gas.

Upon entering the house, The bodies of Marla Jordan Hudgens, 40, and children Christopher, 3, and Gwen and Faye, both 6 months old, were found in what police described as "obvious signs of trauma."

The suspect, Jasen Michael Hudgens, 44, was also found dead In the House. Police described him as the husband and father. Investigators believe he committed suicide.

"Details about what led up to the incident are still under investigation," police said.

Due to the presence of gas, it took several hours before investigators were able to enter the house. Police said Wednesday afternoon that the case was ruled a homicide, but gave few details.

This scene is a complete tragedy, which devastated the emergency teams”, Melissa Soliz, an agent of the Phoenix Police Department, declared remarkably moved from the scene of the events, after confirming that inside were five members of a lifeless family, three minors among them.

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