Phillies suffer and advance against D'Backs in Game 1 of the Championship Series

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Philadelphia Phillies they hit first in the National League Championship Series when winning 5x3 to the Arizona D'Backsthanks to home runs from Kyle Schwarberthe Cuban guy Nick Castellanos and Bryce Harper.

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The victory went to starter Zack Wheeler (2-0), who walked ssix good episodes with three hits and two runs with eight strikeouts. The reverse for Zac Gellen (2-1) and the rescue of Craig Kimbrel (3).

Home runs by Schwarber and the fourth of these playoffs Harper gave him an early advantage in the first inning of 2x0 to the Phillies.

The ninth of Philadelphia punished Gallen again in the second for also long home run on the opposite side of the Cuban Castellanos, his fifth of the playoffsto go to the front 3x0.

Castellanos had become the previous series in the pfirst player in Major League history in connect two home runs in two straight playoff games.

At the close of the third, the Phillies continued attacking for a double of Trea Turner and simple tugboat Harper for him 4x0.

The Phillies expanded in the fifth to 5x0 with simple J.T. Realmuto that prompted Harperwho had on base by pitch uncontrolled pitcher.

He Arizona team started the record with a single by Evan Longoria and Dominican homer Geraldo Perdono in front of Wheeler.

Arizona continued to discount and in the seventh made another one for ticket to Christian Walkerwho reached third and scored on a sacrifice fly by Alex Thomas.

He second game in this series to the best of seven meetings It will be this Tuesday, October 17 in the same Philadelphia headquarters.

The Philliesthat They lost last year in the World Series to the Astrosthey found it difficult before the amazing D'Backswho came from sweeping away the powerful Los Angeles Dodgers.

Philadelphiaalso came as a wild card to eliminate the also favorites Bravos from Atlanta.

The Phillies look for your third crown of the Fall Classic from 1980 when they defeated the Royals and then in the 2008 to the Rays.

Meanwhile, the D'Backs from Arizona they won a World Series 22 years agowhen in the 2001 they beat the powerful in seven games New York Yankees.


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