Petrobras announces increase in fuel prices | News


The Brazilian company Petrobras announced this Friday a new increase in the price of gasoline and diesel, by 5.18 percent and 14.26 percent, respectively, which will begin to be implemented as of June 18.


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So far this year, gasoline sold by Petrobras has registered a cumulative increase of 31 percent, while diesel adds a total of 68 percent.

According to the company, “when there is a structural change in the level of global prices, it is necessary for Petrobras to seek convergence with market prices.”

For its part, the Brasil de Fato media reported that this decision will cause the average sale price of gasoline to go from 3.86 to 4.06 (reals) per liter; after that at the beginning of the year the gasoline sold by Petrobras cost 3.09 reais per liter in the refineries.

Regarding diesel, the average sale price of Petrobras would increase from 4.91 to 5.61 reais per liter, taking into account that, at service stations, diesel is 10 percent biodiesel, reports the Brazilian media.

With this, the company expects an increase of 0.63 reais per liter at the fueling stations, after diesel was sold at Petrobras refineries at 3.34 reais per liter at the beginning of the year.

After this announcement, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stated through his account on the social network Twitter that he was “against any readjustment in fuels”, and that this could plunge the country into chaos.

However, the federal government has six of the 11 members of the Petrobras board, said Brasil de Fato, a board that would have made the adjustment decision after discussing it in an emergency meeting the day before.

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