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The Prosecutor's Office of Peru raided this Thursday the headquarters of the Peruvian Soccer Federation (FPF) to collect documents in a ongoing investigation for alleged corruption against the board of directors Augustine Lozano.

The entrance to the National Sports Village of Lima (Videna) remains guarded by numerous policemen who arrived at the scene to protect a team of prosecutors that entered the FPF facilities, according to local media.

The intervention began around 08:00 local time at the request of the Third Specialized Corporate Supraprovincial Prosecutor against Organized Crime.

Prosecutors and police entered the offices of the directors to collect documents after having requested on February 8, without obtaining a response, the delivery of economic and banking information to submit it to "an accounting-financial expertise", detailed the information.

In this regard, the prosecutor Jorge Chavez Cotrina national coordinator of the Specialized Prosecutors against Organized Crime, confirmed that the search was carried out so that the office in charge of the case "seize the documentation that has been requested at the time."

The authorities of La Videna never paid attention to these requirements, Consequently, the prosecutor was obliged to request the preparatory investigation judge to search for the purpose of confiscating documents, That is what is happening," he said. chavez to the station Radio Ovation.

He added that the raid “It will take as long as necessary and that the prosecutor establishes to be able to seize the necessary documentation”, but there is no "arrest warrant for anyone."

The Prosecutor's Office opened last February a investigation against Lozano and members of his board for the alleged commission of the crimes of extortion, coercion and criminal organization to the detriment of clubs of the first national division.

He considers, in this sense, that there would be a "alleged criminal organization that would have become entrenched in the FPF" and that "in his criminal activity would not have communicated the real administrative, economic, accounting and financial situation to the members that constitute its assembly of bases”.

In addition, that the leaders “they would have distributed to some professional soccer clubs, first and second division, and departmental soccer clubs, different amounts of money to pay off their obligations and debts“.

At the end of last September, the Prosecutor's Office also arranged to formalize another investigation against Lozano for the alleged commission of the crime of illicit enrichment when I was mayor of the Chongoyape district, in the northern province of Chiclayo (2011-2018).

The prosecution pointed out that Lozano is investigated for allegedly having increased his wealth in a suspicious and unjustified manner and that "he would have tried to cover up" these alleged acts "using his family and circle" of friends.

Lozano assumed the presidency of the FPF in December 2018after the arrest of his predecessor, Edwin Oviedowho was sentenced to prison for corruptionn, and in 2021 he was re-elected for the 2021-2025 period.

In recent months he has starred in a confrontation with the leaders of various teams in the first division, among them the current two-time champion Lima Alliance, for the television transmission rights of the matches of the Peruvian League 1.

(With information from EFE)

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