Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office opens investigation against President Castillo | News


The prosecutor of the Nation of Peru, Patricia Benavides, began this Thursday a new investigation against President Pedro Castillo for the alleged crime of Administration of Justice – Personal Concealment.


Opposition seeks to reduce votes needed for vacancy in Peru

Local media indicate that it originates after the dismissal by Castillo of the Minister of the Interior, Mariano González; It will last 60 days, and as part of it, the president and the head of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, will be summoned.

After which González accused the president of “interfering and obstructing justice”, fundamentally after the formation of a special police team led by Harvey Colchado to find the fugitives from Castillo’s close circle, whom he allegedly covered up.

Regarding these accusations, Torres avoided before the Oversight Commission, that the former Minister of the Interior did not comply with the emergency declaration in Lima, Callao and Trujillo, which was entrusted to him.

To which he added the lack of actions during his administration, and the fact that he manifested the non-existence of citizen insecurity, alluding that it was only a perception.

These accusations by González were taken advantage of by opposition congressmen who once again insisted on the need to promote the vacancy of the Peruvian head of state.

The legislator for Popular Renewal, Jorge Montoya, once again attacked the Executive and announced the presentation of a third presidential vacancy motion before the new Board of Directors of Congress; while he expressed that “the congressmen who vote against (the vacancy) will mean that they are in collusion with this corrupt government.”

To approve this initiative, 87 votes from Congress are required, of which, according to estimates, they would not exceed 78. The vacancy motion against Pedro Castillo developed on March 28 ended with 55 votes in favor, 54 against and 19 abstentions.

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