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Peru's president-designate, Dina Boluarte, on Thursday ruled out early presidential elections in the South American country despite levels of disapproval and calls for new demonstrations demanding her resignation.


77% of Peruvians disapprove of Dina Boluarte's management

"This issue of early elections is closed, we will continue to work responsibly, in respect for the rule of law, democracy and the Constitution, until July 2026," stressed the president at the exit of a Council of Ministers.

Following the statements by the Peruvian president, the Juntos por el Perú parliamentarian, Ruth Luque, warned that Boluarte issued a clear threat and added that if he wants to generate peace, he should resign so that there are early elections.

Former presidential candidate Verónika Mendoza also rejected the Peruvian president's statements and accused her of treason.

He added that "If we go out to protest and denounce the extrajudicial executions committed in your government, it is to demand justice."

The day before, President Dina Boluarte criticized the call for new protests scheduled for next week and blamed the organizers of the protests for the possible deaths of protesters during the new day of marches.

How many more deaths do you want for the love of God, doesn't it hurt your soul to have lost more than 60 people in these violent demonstrations? None of these deaths has been caused or sought by the government," said Boluarte.

During the anti-government mobilizations that took place between December and March, a total of 77 deaths were reported, 49 of them in clashes between protesters and security forces.

The demonstrators demanded the resignation of Dina Boluarte, the closure of Congress and the calling of a Constituent Assembly.

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