Peruvian President calls on the international community to preserve peace | News


The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, expressed this Tuesday before the General Assembly of the United Nations that all States must ensure global peace and preserve it on a daily basis, instead of encouraging conflicts.


Approval of the Peruvian president’s trip to the UN General Assembly

Speaking during the 77th session of the General Assembly, the president stressed that the United Nations Organization (UN) has before it the task of resolving conflicts through diplomatic channels and preventing them from being stirred up to benefit particular interests of nations or corporations.

He recalled that any act of aggression against another State violates peace and international law, a situation that is also incurred when powers use unilateral restrictive measures and economic sanctions against small countries, he said.

He defended the principle of non-aggression and respect for the integrity of States, and rejected Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine as well as Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories from 1967 to date.

He urged that peace negotiations begin between Russia and Ukraine, that the agreement to export cereals from this country be continued and that the sale of fertilizers produced by Russia be carried out, since its deficit affects the most vulnerable farmers and deepens insecurity. food.

The Peruvian president said that the international community must redouble efforts to pave the way for peace in Palestine and that the principle of two States defended by the General Assembly be fulfilled.

He announced that Peru will create a diplomatic mission in Palestine in the near future and that his government will intensify consultations at the regional level to declare South America a zone of peace.

Among other issues, he supported the right of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic to self-determination and recognized Argentina’s right to sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.

In the domestic arena, he stated that “coups, whatever their modality or the State power that promotes them, are illegitimate, they attempt against the sovereign expression of the popular will. In the same way, (…) any governance crisis must be resolved through dialogue, agreement and full respect for the electoral results”.

Given the complex situation in the world, Castillo highlighted the importance not only of defending basic freedoms but also of guaranteeing the human right to education, health, housing, water, food, employment and decent wages and to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

In addition, he urged to promote respect and care for human rights, dialogue, solidarity with the poor and vulnerable, and eliminate ideologies of hatred, racism and anti-Semitism.

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