Peruvian President calls for an end to confrontations in the country | News


The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, called on Congress to stop, once and for all, the confrontation that is not good for the country, referring to the constant accusations against him by the opposition majority.


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During a ceremony held in the northern city of Trujillo, the president emphasized that his detractors have not been able to find a single piece of evidence that incriminates him during the year he has been in office.

Likewise, he assured that he will respect the autonomy of the powers of the State and will not intervene in the election of the new board of directors of the Parliament that will take place on July 26 and already invited the next plan to “walk with us and see the needs the people, to get out of the screens and walk”.

The president also assured the democratic nature of his government, elected by popular will and respectful of the constitutional rights of all Peruvians.

However, this Friday the National Prosecutor’s Office began the fourth preliminary investigation against the acting president, having repealed the suspension of such processes established by the former head of that portfolio, Zoraida Ávalos.

According to a report from the Congressional News Center, during the next Oversight and Comptroller Commission, an alleged family criminal organization of the Peruvian president should be investigated.

“We have the President of the Republic, the President’s wife, the First Lady’s sister, the President’s father-in-law, the President’s nephews and other people linked to his environment,” denounced Congressman Héctor Ventura Ángel during the most recent session.

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