Peruvian police in Halloween costumes arrest drug sellers

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Peruvian police dressed up as terrifying Halloween characters to raid a home in eastern Lima and arrest retailers of basic cocaine paste, the security force reported on Tuesday.

The operation called "Halloween" took place on Tuesday night in a dangerous neighborhood in the San Juan de Lurigancho district, one of the most populated in the Peruvian capital.

In a video broadcast by television channels, agents dressed as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees (the character from "Friday the 13th") and Tiffanny, Chucky's girlfriend, are seen walking the streets of this neighborhood.

Everything seems normal until, upon arriving at a house, Krueger and his companions destroy the iron door of the building with a sledgehammer in the blink of an eye and allow six other uniformed police officers to enter by surprise.

«This is work planned long in advance. "We take advantage of the holidays to disguise ourselves as different characters and capture the criminals," Colonel Walter Palomino, head of the Green Squadron of the National Police in charge of the operation, told the press.

The force has on other occasions resorted to disguises to operate in dangerous areas. Last year, several agents dressed as superheroes for a drug raid whose images went viral.

On this occasion, the horror characters arrested two siblings, a man and a woman, called "Clan Balboa", who thought it was a Halloween prank, according to the police force.

"These brothers sold drugs and they did not expect that we were going to arrest them in this way," Palomino added.

The operation allowed the seizure of 1,568 small packages of cocaine base that were hidden in the home.

A kilo of basic paste sells for at least $380 in Peru, while a kilo of cocaine hydrochloride - the purest drug - sells for about $1,000.

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