Peruvian justice opens investigation into vice president of congress | News

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The State Attorney General's Office (PGE) of Peru ordered a preliminary investigation against Rosselli Amuruz, third vice president of Congress, for the alleged crime of incompatible negotiation or improper use of the position, to the detriment of the State and for the benefit of former parliamentarian Paul García.


Peruvian Prosecutor's Office investigates the Prime Minister for corruption

The Prosecutor's Office had requested the Public Ministry to open a file against the congresswoman who is also being investigated by the Ethics Commission, among other reasons, for the organization of a birthday party where one of the attendees died, during the parliamentary mourning for the death of the Congressman Hernando Guerra García.

The Prosecutor's Office declared that the investigation is for the alleged crime of incompatible negotiation or improper use of the position, which is punishable by a custodial sentence of no less than four nor more than six years.

According to journalistic versions, Angie Gómez was placed in the Communications Office since August 15. She was joined in the same area by her brother-in-law, Erick Enrique Tirado, a week later. And on September 6, Ronny Enrique Tirado began work on the Capital Peru Special Multiparty Commission (CEMCP), which was chaired by Amuruz.

In mid-October, thanks to the majority support of the opposition bench, Amuruz evaded a motion of censure presented after his attendance at García's birthday, an event that ended in a shooting and left one dead the same morning that the wake took place. by Hernando Guerra García, former member of the Board of Directors.

The next day after Amuruz was arrested, the Minister of the Interior, Vicente Romero, announced the capture of Abel Valdivia, who tried to murder journalist Christiam Tirado. “I was invited to a meeting by Paul García, who at that time I thought was my friend,” admitted the accused, who faces 18 months of preventive detention for qualified homicide.

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