Peruvian fishermen protest agreement with Repsol | News

Peruvian artisanal fishermen, among those affected by the oil spill in January on the coast of Ventanilla, are protesting this Monday against the agreement reached by the Government of Peru and the Spanish transnational Repsol.


Repsol will compensate those affected by oil spill in Peru

According to the announcement made days ago, Repsol promised to deliver up to the equivalent of 800 dollars as an advance payment of compensation to those affected by the oil spill on January 15, which is considered insufficient by the fishermen’s unions.

The march was carried out with banners, drums, posters and their fishing nets and, with it, the fishermen asked that the Spanish ambassador communicate with the company and this group can be served.

According to the spokesman for the fishermen, Roberto Espinoza, “we have suffered losses of up to 5,000 (1,300 dollars) soles per month. We fish according to the season and we can earn more with cheetah, sole or corvina.”

The signing of the agreements with Repsol took place the previous week with the presence of Prime Minister Aníbal Torres, who indicated that the sanitation work in the coastal and marine regions affected by the oil spill must continue; while guaranteeing priority attention to affected people.

According to the Peruvian Government, as a result of the oil spill, 2,292 affected fishermen and around 2,014 merchants were registered.

At the same time, in regions such as Ancón, Santa Rosa and Ventanilla, a total of 5,006 victims were recorded. The Peruvian authorities specified that the situation in the affected sectors after the spill is extremely serious.