Peruvian Congress denies President Castillo’s trip to Europe | News

The Peruvian Congress, with an opposition and conservative majority, denied on Thursday the permission requested by President Pedro Castillo to make a tour of Europe that included a visit to Pope Francis in the Vatican and diplomatic meetings in Italy and Belgium.


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With 56 votes against, 54 in favor and six abstentions, the Peruvian parliament did not grant Pedro Castillo authorization to leave the country from October 12 to 18.

After the failure of the initiative in the first vote, the congressman for the Magisterial Bloc, Alex Paredes, presented a reconsideration with the purpose of voting again for the president’s permission to Europe; however, the Plenary rejected said request with 56 votes in favor, 58 against and one assent.

On the European tour, Pedro Castillo planned to visit Brussels (Belgium), meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican and meet with international organizations in Italy.

In addition, the president was scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the World Food Forum 2022 in Italy, sponsored by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

This is the second time that Congress has not authorized President Castillo to leave the country. In August, he was prevented from participating in the inauguration of Colombia’s new president, Gustavo Petro, with 67 votes against and 42 in favor.