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The general secretary of the Federation Center Union of EsSalud Workers (FED-CUT), Wilfredo Ponce Castro, reported that the union of workers in the health sector will undergo an indefinite strike starting October 10 at the national level.


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This media is supported by more than 22 thousand members of the Peruvian health union.

As Castro clarified, the average is due to the fact that the Peruvian Ministry of Health failed to comply with an annual bonus that should be granted to workers, which represents a significant amount of income for them.

This bonus was agreed between the workers and the Peruvian government; health sector workers should receive 5,500 Peruvian soles ($1,443 dollars, at the exchange rate).

In this sense, EsSalud specified that the measure will be extended to all health networks nationwide but will not affect emergency services and critical areas, which will continue to operate.

“What there will not be is outpatient care because we are an organization that represents healthcare, administrative, technical and auxiliary professionals,” Castro declared to the Peruvian press.

Policy anti-labor of the Peruvian government

Castro also accused the Government of Peru of generating an “anti-labor” policy against workers in the health sector and that President Dina Boluarte is not recognizing the agreements agreed upon last July.

This agreement, according to the spokesperson, was agreed upon at the facilities of the Ministry of Labor.

The workers also request the deposit of the CTS (Compensation for Time of Service) for workers who have been laid off under Law 276. “It takes a year to pay when it is unemployment insurance, it should be paid within 48 hours” , he claimed.

“A social and political commitment of Dina Boluarte was to comply with the CAS Covid workers, to transfer them to regular CAS, and this was not done either. Compliance with the document bonus is added. We have lost purchasing power. With this bonus we can support our family and it has been unknown,” she added.

Likewise, the health workers union rejected the instability that exists in the Social Security system.

“In two years of government there have been more than seven presidents. This chaos is mistreatment of the insured and the insured thinks that this mistreatment comes from the workers,” he said.

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