Peru vs Puerto Rico LIVE NOW: first set of the 2023 Volleyball Pre-Olympic match

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Peru vs Puerto Rico LIVE:

First set: Peru resists. The 'bicolor' ties at 24 and seeks to win the set.

First set: Set point! Puerto Rico one point away from winning the set (23-24).

First set: Everything equal! (22-22)

First set: Reserved forecast. Peru and Puerto Rico tie 20-20 near the end of the quarter.

First set: Great score from Aixa! The Peruvian achieves a powerful dunk to extend the national advantage to two (18-16)

First set: Good Peruvian blockade! Maricarmen Guerrero puts her hands firmly and gives Peru the advantage (15-14).

First set: Peru once again takes control of the quarter: it wins 12-10 against Puerto Rico.

First set: Close duel! Peru falls by one point (6-7).

First set: Peru takes advantage of its rival's mistakes and ties the set (3-3).

First set: The game has started in Tokyo! Peru started on the right foot and wins 1-0.

Peru vs Puerto Rico: The National Anthem of Peru is sung! The Peruvian flag is already visible in Japan while the players place their hands at the level of their hearts.

Peru vs Puerto Rico: The broadcast starts from Tokyo, Japan!

Peru vs Puerto Rico: There are only minutes left until the start of the match broadcast.

Peru vs Puerto Rico: The combined 'inca' will face today, Friday, September 22, the squad 'caribbean' in the city of Tokyo for matchday 6 of Pre-Olympic Tournament Course to Paris 2024. Those directed by the technician Francisco Hervas They will go in search of their first victory after losing to Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Belgium and Bulgaria. His opponent will not make it easy for him, since he will also be forced to win in order to be among the top places in the table and fight for a place in the next Olympic event.

How do both teams arrive?

Until now, Peru has not had a good performance so far Pre-Olympic. In their debut, they lost 3-0 against Japan by sets of 25-9, 25-19 and 25-15. On the second day, she had to face the always complicated Brazil and, despite attempts, he registered a new defeat.

With two bad results, the national team was left with no chance of qualifying for the next stage of the competition and also of getting a place in the next Olympic event. Despite this, those directed by Francisco Hervas They managed to come out with another face Türkiyecurrent number one in the world ranking, winning a set (3-1).

Versus Belgiumthe 'bicolor' He returned to his reality. After having played a high-voltage match against the Turks, the Peruvian team was widely surpassed by the European team and could do little to avoid its fourth fall in the competition. History repeated itself against Bulgaria. In that match he couldn't even reach 20 points in the different sets.

For its part, Puerto Rico The tournament didn't start in the best way either, losing to Turkey 3-0. However, they achieved their first victory by beating Belgium 3-1. In their third and fourth appearances, they were defeated by Japan and Brazil, respectively. Finally, on Thursday, September 21, they gave the surprise by beating Argentina.

How the Pre-Olympic has been played

He Pre-Olympic Tournament It has three groups of eight teams each. Each country has to play a total of seven matches, but only the best two will have the opportunity to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The remaining five places, considering that France is already classified, will be defined by world ranking.

These will be for the best five unclassified teams after the preliminary stage of the competition. Nations Leaguewhich begins in May 2024. It is important to mention that the selection of a continent that does not have a classified country has priority.

What time does Peru vs Puerto Rico play for the Pre-Olympic?

The Peruvian team will return to action this Friday, September 22 against Puerto Rico, 22nd in the world ranking. The clash between both squads will take place at the Sky Hall Toyota facilities in Tokyo, Japan, from 8:00 p.m. (Peru). While, in the Caribbean country, the meeting is scheduled to start at 9:00 p.m.

TV Channel of Peru vs Puerto Rico for Pre-Olympic

The commitment between Peruvians and Puerto Ricans will be transmitted through Volleyball World, payment platform of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). In South America, the content will be available in Star Plusthe network's streaming service ESPN. In addition, you can find all the incidents, statistics and minute by minute on the website of Infobae Peru.

Peru will clash against Puerto Rico for the sixth day of the 2023 Pre-Olympic - Credits: Captura Star Plus

Peru's next game

The 'killers' will close their participation in the Pre-Olympic when they face Argentina for the seventh date. This meeting is scheduled for Saturday September 23 starting at 11:00 p.m. (Peru). As we remember, both teams met for the last time in the South American Championship. On that occasion, the score was 3-1 in favor of the 'panthers', Therefore, Peru will go in search of its revenge.

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