Peru vs Colombia 1-2 NOW LIVE: fourth set for the South American men's volleyball tournament 2023

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Peru vs Colombia:

Fourth set: Peru fails in the attacks, sends the ball very wide and Colombia overcomes the score (11-12).

Fourth set: Peru is still on top, winning 7-5 and seeking to increase the difference.

Fourth set: Yes you can Peru! The 'bicolor' get a two-point lead (5-3).

Fourth set: Play resumes in Recife. This fourth sleeve is already being played, where Peru hopes to prevail to force the 'tie break'.

Third set: Colombia was left with this set: they won 25-17 and are only one set away from winning the match.

Third set: Colombia three points from closing the set. The team 'coffee pot' prevails 22-16.

Third set: Be careful with Peru, which is stealthily approaching Colombia. This goes 20-14 in favor of the team 'coffee pot'.

Third set: Colombia already took too much advantage, which is on its way to win the set (18-9)

Third set: Peruvian block! Mendoza puts his hands steady and gets a point (14-8 in favor of Colombia)

Third set: It begins to discount Peru. Colombia misses and this goes 8-4.

Third set: Now it does ask for time. Juan Carlos Gala talks to his players after the poor start to the set (6-1 in favor of Colombia).

Third set: Juan Carlos Gala does not ask for time. Peru is in a bad moment of the partial, but the DT remains static. Colombia wins 5-1.

Third set: Best start for Colombia, which beat Peru 3-1.

Third set: The action returns in Recife. The third sleeve is already played.

Second set: Terrible end of Peru in this sleeve. Colombia gets an 'ace' in the last point, after a bad reception from the 'bicolor'and closed with a 25-19.

Second set: Colombia very close to closing the set. The 'coffee' team wins 23-19.

Second set: Huge mate from Jaramillo, who does not forgive the Colombian mistake. This goes 12-14 in favor of the 'coffee' box.

Second set: Colombia moves away, taking advantage of Peru's weak moment to take a four-point lead (14-10)

Second set: Little gift from Colombia, which sends it wide in an easy ball. Peru prevails 7-6.

Second set: Again, a tight start. Peru equals 4-4 with Colombia.

Second set: The game resumes in Recife!

First set: Peru manages to close the set, after winning 25-19. This is just starting

First set: Go, Peru! The 'bicolor' takes five points ahead and is close to closing the sleeve (23-18)

First set: Only one point of difference between both squads. Peru wins 16-15.

First set: Positive presentation of Peru at the start of the match. The 'bicolor' wins 13-10.

First set: This is pretty close. Peru and Colombia tie 8-8.

First set: Up Peru! The 'blanquirroja' begins to take advantage in the partial (6-4)

First set: The game started in Recife. Peru and Colombia tie 1-1 at the start.

Peru vs Colombia: The 'bicolor' lineup is made up of Romay, Bernaola, Blanco, Jaramillo, Urueña, Williams and Moron.

Without a glorious past to back it up, Peru seeks to achieve a feat in the 2023 South American men's volleyball tournament, trying to get on the podium of the competition for the second time in its history. Only in the first edition of the contest, in 1951, was he able to achieve that goal. after taking third place. Since then, he has not been in the top three again and, therefore, beating Colombia this Sunday, August 27, will be key to fighting for that goal.

How was the last Peru vs Colombia in men's volleyball?

The men's teams Peru and Colombia met for the last time in the 2023 Pan American Cup from NORCECA on August 17. That day, a very close game took place between both squads, especially in the first two quarters, and finally the team 'coffee pot' he was left with the victory after winning 3-0 (25-23, 29-27, 25-13). Now, a second part of this special duel is coming.

Peru faced Colombia for the last time in the 2023 Pan American Cup. Credit: Norcecainfo

How does Colombia get to the game?

Like Peru, Colombia also suffered a crash in their 2023 South American Championship debut. the squad 'coffee maker' lost 0-3 to Argentina on the first date of the tournament (25-16, 25-15 and 25-22) and search before the 'bicolor' his first victory to be excited about the podium.

List of players from Peru in South American 2023

Juan Carlos Gala, technical director of the Peruvian team of the men's branch since 2018, faces the 2023 South American with the same delegation with which he competed in the NORCECA Pan American Cup in Puerto Rico weeks ago. With Eduardo Romay and Daniel Urueña As the main figures of the team, this is the list of 14 players who will play the tournament in the city of Recife:


-Paul Williams

- Hirosi La Torre

- Marcelo Bustamante

Power stations:

-Daniel Urueña

- Benjamin Patron

-Daniel Barbieri

- Benny Bernaola


-Sebastian White

-Maykel Jaramillo

-Leonel Despaigne

- Bruno Seminar


- Eduardo Romay

-Francis Mendoza


- Jassir Moron

Male delegation of Peru in South American 2023
Male delegation of Peru in South American 2023 (FPV)

On which channel to watch Peru vs Colombia for the South American 2023?

The clash between Peruvians and Colombians for the second date of the 2023 South American Championship can be seen through the Official YouTube account of the CSV - South American Volleyball Confederation, which is in charge of issuing all the matches of the tournament. In addition, DirecTV Sports has the television rights to the event, so it will also broadcast the match. Finally, you will be able to know all the details, see the incidents and follow the minute by minute of the meeting through Infobae Peru.

What time do Peru vs Colombia play for the South American 2023?

After starting the tournament with a defeat, Peru will seek revenge on the second date of the South American 2023 against Colombia. The match is scheduled to start at 3:00 p.m. in Peru and 5:00 p.m. in Brazil, venue of the event. Likewise, in Bolivia, Chile, the United States (Washington), Paraguay and Venezuela, the meeting can be seen from 4:00 p.m. In Argentina and Uruguay, for their part, the schedule is the same as the local country (5:00 p.m.). As for Mexico, the clash is agreed for 2:00 p.m.

How did Peru do in its debut in the South American 2023?

The Peruvian men's volleyball team made its debut last Saturday, August 26, in a duel against its counterpart from Brazil. The 'red and white' seemed to surprise the host at the start of the first two sets of the match, even taking the lead on the scoreboard from time to time; However, the 'canarinha' He exhibited his best level to close the game in three sets (25-18, 25-18, 25-11) and win.

Peruvian team lost to Brazil in its South American debut 2023
Peruvian team lost to Brazil in its debut of the South American 2023 (CSV)

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