Peru remains on alert for rains in several areas of

Peru remains on alert for rains in several areas of the country | News

Peru remains on alert due to the rainfall forecast for the weekend, mainly in the north and center of the South American country.


Alert declared for El Niño Costero phenomenon in Peru

The National Center for Estimation, Prevention and Reduction of Disaster Risk (Cenepred) reported that 409 districts on the north coast and highlands of the country are at risk of river floods and landslides due to heavy rainfall.

From the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) they indicated that there is a high level of risk in 228 jurisdictions of Ayacucho (65), Huancavelica (57), Cajamarca (35), Arequipa (22), Piura (17), Junín ( 12), Apurímac (7), Lima (7), Cusco (5) and Moquegua (1), while at high risk are another 181 jurisdictions in the same departments, as well as Ica and Puno.

The COEN detailed that in the next 24 hours moderate to heavy rains are expected in coastal areas of Lima, Ica and Arequipa, as well as moderate showers on the north coast.

According to the Peruvian entity, hail, snow and sleet are expected to fall in the mountain area, and there is a probability that snow will fall in places above 4,000 meters of altitude and hail in locations above 2,800 meters. .

For its part, the National Meteorology and Hydrology Service (Senamhi)i also forecast, for the following hours, the activation of the red level in ravines of 46 provinces of the departments of Áncash, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Huánuco, Ica, Junín, Lima, Loreto, Pasco and Ucayali.

According to the Peruvian government, the heavy rainfall has left at least 50 dead, 8,000 homeless, more than 50,000 affected, 1,300 houses destroyed and 640 kilometers of roads affected.

In addition to calling for a national campaign to care for those affected by the heavy rains, President-designate Boluarte confirmed the presentation to Congress of a project for the creation of a national infrastructure authority.