Peru registers clashes before the headquarters of Congress


With kicks and struggles against the fence that protects the Congress in Lima, Hundreds of hooded protesters with homemade shields confronted the Police this Saturday (01.28.2023) in a new episode of violence around peaceful marches calling for the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and the early elections.

With the incessant sound of detonations of tear gas bombs, the center of Lima was once again the scene of a pitched battle with the most violent protesting groups, in the midst of a social upheaval that -after 52 days of the Boluarte government- shows no signs of subsiding .

According to the Ombudsman's Office, an anti-government protester identified as Victor Santisteban passed away in Limaafter being injured in clashes with the Police, bringing the number of deaths to 65 since the start of the protests in December 2022.

"We regret the death of Víctor Santisteban Yacsavilca in today's violent demonstrations, the guard headquarters of the Grau Emergency Hospital coordinates with the Peruvian Prosecutor's Office for the proceedings in accordance with the law," the Ombudsman wrote in his Twitter account. Twitter.

The protests that persist

"Not one more dead, Dina murderess"; "We want dignity, Dina resigns now"were some of the slogans of the march on Saturday, which began as a popular party with musical bands until a group of hooded men advanced to the surroundings of the Congress, heavily guarded by riot police, unleashing strong clashes that left people injured.

The new afternoon with violence occurs after Congress refused to advance the elections to 2023 as Boluarte had requested on January 27. The president regretted the vote against the advancement of the general elections and urged the legislative benches to deposit interests to "pave a way out of the political crisis" marked by protests, blockades, shortages, deaths and injuries.

Before the violent eruption, hundreds of people from Lima and the provinces - mostly indigenous - gathered in Plaza San Martín to the call of the "March for the resignation of Dina Boluarte and early elections".

"Without justice, peace is hypocrisy," said the banner of a group of mourning clowns who paraded with Andean music in the background.

a few blocks away, the Concert for Peaceanother demonstration, but organized by civil groups that support the work of law enforcementwho mostly wore a white garment and displayed a long red and white national flag.

Peru has been the scene of demonstrations for seven weeks calling for the resignation of Boluarte, who took office as vice president after the dismissal and arrest of leftist president Pedro Castillo on December 7 for having tried to dissolve Parliament.

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