Peru Congress postpones vote on motion against Pdte. Castle | News

The Congress of Peru postponed the day before until next week the vote on motion 2148, which proposes the vacancy of President Pedro Castillo due to alleged “moral incapacity.”


On March 14, face-to-face classes will begin in 18 Peruvian regions

“The session of the Plenary of Congress is scheduled for this Monday, March 14, from 9:00 a.m. In that session, the admission of the motion of the request for vacancy of the President of the Republic, among other issues, will be discussed,” reported the Congress of Peru on its official Twitter account.

For his part, the far-right legislator, Jorge Montoya, stated that: “For reasons unknown to me, the agreement (in the Board of Spokespersons) has been broken and what has been done is to read the motion, but not to close the (plenary) session.” .

However, the plenary approved in its session this Thursday the motions against the ministers of health and justice, Hernán Condori and Ángel Yldefonso respectively, for alleged “lack of suitability” to manage the corresponding positions.

After the Peruvian President appears and issues his defense, Congress will hold a debate to decide whether Castillo will stay or be expelled from office.

The motion has been promoted by the Popular (FP), Popular Renovation (RP) and Avanza País parties, and needs 87 votes out of a total of 130 to be approved.

This is the second attempt to apply this constitutional procedure that seeks to remove the President elected seven months ago. The first was carried out last December, but did not have the necessary votes to meet its objectives.