Peru closes 80 ports after volcano eruption in Tonga | News

The National Institute of Civil Defense Peru (Indeci) decreed this Monday the closure of 80 ports on the Peruvian coast, after registering disturbances higher than the usual waves, as a result of the volcanic eruption reported last Saturday, January 15, in Nukualofa, Tonga.


Peru reports two deaths from waves caused by Tonga volcano

According to the entity, some of the temporarily closed port points are, in the case of the north coast, the ports of Pizarro, Zorritos, Paita, Pimentel; on the central coast, Chimbote, Casma, Huarmey, Chico; and in the south, Puerto Viejo, Planchada, Quilca, and El Faro.

Likewise, Indeci urged the local authorities of the Andean country’s coastline to indicate to the population the regulations for civil defense, to anticipate possible fatalities and losses of material goods.

In this sense, the Peruvian Navy notified the suspension of fishing, sports and recreational activities near the sea; as well as, the securing of boats and avoiding camps in beach areas, during the presence of waves.

“We urge the coastal population and people who carry out port, fishing, sports and recreational activities to abide by the security measures in place in the event of possible abnormal waves, in order to avoid accidents and personal and material damage,” the agency stressed.

The submarine volcano, Hunga-Tonga, is located 65 kilometers from Nukualofa, the capital of Tonga, in the South Pacific; its outbreak on January 15, 2022, generated a tsunami with waves of more than one meter that reached several regions of Asia and the Americas.